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When Do You Need To Repaint Your House?


When Do You Need To Repaint Your House?

Here are some signs that you should repaint your home.

Painting your house is an important step towards maintaining your home’s monetary value. When you have a good paint job, it makes your house more inviting and well kept. However, eventually, your paint is going to wear out, and you’ll need to apply a new coat. So how do you know when it’s time for repainting? Here are some signs that you should repaint your home.

Your Paint is Showing Signs of Wear

If your paint is starting to peel, crack, or bubble, it’s likely that the paint wasn’t applied properly from the start, or the paint has taken hits from the weather. These signs could also indicate that you have mold or dry rot to address. If you notice these signs, you should repaint your house as soon as you can. These problems should be taken seriously, especially because they can evolve into larger problems if left untreated.

The Paint is Starting to Fade

When your paint starts fading, your house can look old and worn down. This is when you should repaint your house so you can give your home new life. Darker paint colors will fade more quickly than light paint colors, so different rooms in your house may need repainting at different times, depending on how you color them.

You’re Getting Ready to Sell Your House

You can only make one first impression. This is why curb appeal goes such a long way towards selling your home. The moment potential homebuyers see your house, they already start to develop opinions on it. When they see old paint, they’ll immediately think the home isn’t worth their time. If you repaint your house ahead of time, you avoid this problem. Having a fresh coat of paint will make your house more appealing, which will encourage homebuyers to come inside and see more of what your home has to offer.

Your Caulk is Cracking

If you start to find cracks in your caulking, that means it’s not as elastic as it once was. When you repaint your house, you rekindle that elasticity in your caulking, and it won’t become brittle.

You’re Seeing Shrinking or Gaps

Does it look like the boards along your house’s exterior are beginning to shrink? Can you see any gaps between your boards? If so, it could be that dry rot is forming, which means that moisture could be getting in your wood. We suggest getting professional help dealing with this problem before you repaint your house.

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