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Upgrade Your Frederick Home with a Finished Basement

One of the best investments to be made in a home is a finished basement. There are an abundance of benefits to a finish basement versus an unfinished basement, and the cons, if any, are minute. No one wants an eyesore looming beneath their home—so if you haven’t done so already, remodeling your unfinished basement into a functional, finished room should be a top priority. If you had any doubts of whether or not you should finish your basement, the following benefits will provide clarity as to why every Frederick home should have a finished basement.


Unfinished basements can leak, grow mold, and be structurally unsafe.

Benefit #1: Potential

When a basement is finished, it gains the ability to be something more than just a basement. A finished basement is another room; any desired room can be created from a finished basement. Popular options for finished basements are entertainment or gaming rooms, offices, gyms, or even bedrooms. Everyone can benefit from more space in their home, and an unfinished basement is wasted opportunity.

Benefit #2: Increased Home Value

Choosing to finish your basement also increases home value. A finished basement is an investment in which the payback is always favorable, whereas an unfinished basement could lower home value if it is in poor condition. Finished basements are especially valuable in Frederick, where families find the extra space and room potential an important factor in buying a new home. Your basement will not only be valuable to you and your family, but also to others if you decide to sell.

Benefit #3: Better Structural Support

One thing many people don’t consider when debating on whether or not to finish their basement is a remodeled basement may provide additional structural support to the entire home. If your home is older with an unfinished basement, remodeling the basement may address or prevent issues in foundation, or even with mold. Providing a solid base for your home in the form of a finished basement ensures the longevity of the rest of your home.

Benefit #4: Storage

Even if you decide you don’t need an additional room in your home, a finished basement also offers dry, safe storage for furniture and valuables. Unfinished basements can be subject to leaks/moisture, mold, dirt, and other issues which are unsuitable for safe storage. Furniture, photos and electronics, among other things, can be ruined by moisture or debris. The security of a finished basement provides protection from these issues, many of which are common in unfinished basements throughout the Frederick area.

Don’t Put Off a Finished Basement

Not only are there many benefits to finishing your basement, but they are important for you, your family, your home, and its value. When considering a company to do your basement remodeling, choose Albaugh & Sons, a local company experienced in remodeling of rooms above and below ground. Call us today at: 301-964-9379, or fill out our form online to request a professional for your basement remodeling!

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