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Things to Consider Before Finishing Your Basement

Finishing your basement requires some prior planning.

Basements are large part of many people’s homes but often they can be underutilized. Some people may use them for storing tools or holiday decorations, but not for much beyond that. However, basements represent a significant portion of your home’s square footage. Because of this, homeowners like to maximize their space by finishing their basements. This process presents a ton of benefits, and can significantly improve a person’s enjoyment of their homes. Still, there are many factors that go into creating a well-functioning basement.  There are some things for people to keep in consideration before they proceed with finishing their basements.


It is vital to inspect your basement before finishing it. Basements are known for being damp places, which can cause problems in the future. Issues with mold can be expensive to fix and can negatively impact a resident’s health. The good news is that you can inspect your basement on your own. All you’d have to do is tape two-foot squares of plastic sheets to the floors of your basement and check them for moisture after a couple of weeks have passed.


Because basements are prone to getting excess moisture, it’s important to keep in mind the drainage system you have. Having sump pumps in your basement is vital and to help deal with the water that could come into your basement. It’s important to have a backup pump and a replacement battery in case of an emergency.


It is important to have reinforced walls in your basement. Unlike the inspection process detailed above, this aspect requires professional expertise. The wall panels need to be reinforced and there needs to be insulation, so it’s necessary to seek help with this step.


Before you finish your basement, you have to know what the purpose of your new space is. Will it be a home theater? Are you looking to create a spare bedroom? You need to take a good number of factors into consideration. You need to have room to place your furniture, access to a light source, and


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