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Take Advantage Of Your Outdoor Space With 3 Deck Design Ideas


Spend family time outside this summer with a new deck!

Have you always dreamed of your own outdoor retreat? Home extensions, such as new decking, will give you the perfect canvas for bringing your unique vision to life.What reminds you of home? Perhaps you’ve always fantasized about cozy wicker furniture surrounding a blazing fire pit as you roast marshmallows with family and friends. Or maybe you picture a screened-in hideaway furnished with padded, wrought-iron furniture for peacefully unwinding. All of your dreams are possible with the installation of the right deck. This week, we’ll explore exciting decking design ideas that will fuel that creative remodeling passion you’ve fantasized about since childhood.

Warm Deck Lighting

Planning the ultimate staycation this summer? Bring out the colorful umbrellas, cozy lawn chairs, and soft, LED outdoor lighting and string it across your new deck. Sit back, close your eyes and  listen to a symphony of chirping cicadas and peeping frogs while mystical bulbs twinkle around your old willow tree. Sometimes the stars from the distant galaxy aren’t enough to safely light up that your outdoor decking. Place lights inside of your favorite mason jars and string them above your colorful umbrellas and coordinated, all-weather furniture. Line high traffic walkways that surround your new lounging spot to keep your loved ones safe!

Nature-Inspired Fun

Your new deck is going to be outdoors, so you might as well play on the nature theme. Decorating your composite, vinyl or wooden surface with large potted plants will have your guests walking through a wooded paradise. Plant a variety of different species in one pot to add vibrant colors and seemingly natural growth. Place them around seating areas to breathe in floral aromas while relaxing with your favorite beverage. Use local indigenous species in each pot to show your Maryland pride! Discover your green thumb and enhance those leisurely hours with sweet smelling flowers.

Necessary Bug Repellent

With the threat of Zika virus this year, protecting your new deck space with screening will keep those blood sucking, disease carrying nuisances far from you and your loved ones. Keep ticks, gnats, and flies away and create your own oasis of pest-free repose. The ultimate deck design is filled with fun in the sun, the noises of nature, and cozy lighting without the threat of insect-borne pathogens. Protecting your friends and family should be your top priority. 


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