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The Return on Investment (ROI) of Kitchen Remodeling in Frederick, MD

Return on Investment for Kitchen Remodeling in FrederickAs we have explained recently, the housing market is on the rise. There hasn’t been a better time to sell your home since pre-2007. But before you jump at the opportunity to finally be able to sell your home, it is important to make it attractive to potential buyers. And according to U.S. News, “real estate agents and remodelers say updated kitchens and baths still bring a significant payoff, especially at resale time.”

Nothing could cause a home to sit on the market for months or even years more than an outdated kitchen. It is one of the first things potential buyers look for in a home. And, fortunately for you, kitchen remodeling tends to have one of the largest returns on investment in the home improvement industry.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of Kitchen Remodeling in Frederick, MD

According to the Remodeling Magazine “Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners in Frederick, Maryland can expect a 60.2% return on investment for a mid-range major kitchen remodel, 72.2% for a mid-range minor kitchen remodel and 51.0% for an upscale major kitchen remodel. While slightly lower than the national average for such projects, these returns are certainly nothing to scoff at, especially if they help you sell your home.

“People buying a house look first at kitchens and baths,” said Kermit Baker, director of the remodeling futures program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University.

Now we aren’t suggesting that you completely demolish and rebuild your kitchen. That just wouldn’t make sense financially, but a mid-range minor kitchen remodel can pay great dividends when it comes time to sell your home.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 53% of new home buyers begin a remodeling project within the first three months after the purchase. 47% of those buyers didn’t even waste a minute, beginning a remodeling project immediately after purchasing a home. Now just imagine how attractive your home would be to such buyers if they didn’t need to change a thing?

Of course, kitchen remodeling is also a great option for those of you who are not planning to sell in the near future. Just think about all of that extra counter space. Aaaaaaah!

Finding a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Frederick, MD

Albaugh & Sons is a Home Improvement contractor located in Frederick, Maryland, specializing in bathroom, basement, and, of course, kitchen remodeling. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. We can handle everything from obtaining the permits to scheduling your final inspection.

If you are looking for a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Frederick, you’ve come to the right place! Please contact Albaugh & Sons at 301-964-9379 or fill out the contact form found on our website. We are based in Frederick, Maryland and service all of Frederick County and parts of Washington and Carroll counties.

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