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Remove Moisture from Your Basement Before Remodeling It

Homeowner Dilemma

Time to rid your basement of extra moisture!

Fall is the perfect time to remodel your basement. The temperature drops, the leaves turn yellow, and you and your family bring the party inside and continue your Monopoly games in the warm kitchen. As the weather habitually cools, the living room, the playroom, and the kitchen will see more action from the kids and their friends. Maybe you enjoy the bustle of multiple people gathering in your home, or maybe you want some extra space. It’s time to take advantage of that basement and remodel it completely.

Your Basement is Moist!

Before the remodeling process begins, you’ll need to rid of any excess moisture that has built up in the basement. There are three main causes of excess moisture in your basement. These are very common and oftentimes overlooked.


Rain and groundwater are common causes of moisture build up in your basement. Without proper grading, gutters, and downspouts, it’s possible for that rainfall to flow into the basement. The below-grade water table can also rise due to flooding or seasonal site conditions.

Interior Moisture Sources

The shower, bath, sinks, and washing machines are all factors that can add moisture to your home as well. Ensuring that your utilities are up to date is necessary for your home.


During the summertime, the outside air is humid here in Maryland. When the outside air is warm and humid, and the inside is cool, the moisture will condense on the cool basement wall and floor surfaces. The moisture is just the result of accumulated condensation.

The Solution

Open your windows, run fans, and install a humidifier in order to solve moisture caused by condensation. Humidifiers eliminate heightened levels of humidity and the fans expedite the process. Water build up causes by rain runoff can be fixed easily by patching any noticeable cracks in the foundation of your basement. Address the outside entry points, and ensure that they have been sealed.

Moisture in the basement causes fractured infrastructure, water damage to furniture, and even mold. In order to ensure that your remodeled basement is as beautiful and comfortable that it can be, be sure to remove excess moisture.


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