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Protecting Your Fence From Cold Weather

Fence Installed Before Spring

Keep your fence in good repair with these tips!

The late months of the year present a specific set of weather challenges that can negatively affect your fence. Whether it’s soil shifting or weathering due to heavy precipitation, there are several things to look out for so you can keep your fence in good repair. Here are some ways you can protect your fence during this part of the year.

Materials Matter

If you have a wood fence, the increased moisture from the precipitation can cause a lot of issues. The moisture can seep into the wood’s surface, causing there to be issues with rotting and mold. If this happens, the structural integrity of your fence could be compromised and it will need to be repaired. Increased amounts of wind and precipitation can be especially harmful to your fence.

Clearing your fences of debris is important no matter which material it’s made of, but if your fence is made of wood it’s vital to take another step: staining. Since wood is a natural material, it’s more susceptible to certain issues such as rotting and weathering. Staining prevents water from entering your fence’s surface, protecting it from rot.

Even if your fence is not be made of wood, there could still be some issues with it due to the weather. For example, increased amounts of precipitation can cause the soil at your fence’s foundation to shift, putting it off balance. This could cause issues for your home, as a fence on the unstable ground could potentially present a safety issue.

Maintenance Is Important

It’s important to check in on your fence throughout the year so you can make sure that it’s not damaged. If it is, you should make the necessary repairs so it can be in good condition for the later months of the year. Simply put, a fence that has not been maintained throughout the year will be more likely to break down in the late months.

Though we haven’t experienced snow yet this season, it’s important to understand that it can negatively affect your fence’s performance. When it does come, it’s important to consistently clear it from your fence to limit the amount of time it will be exposed to the snow’s moisture.


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