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What Is Pressure-Treated Wood?


Pressure-treated lumber is sometimes the best option for any wood that will be outdoors.

If you’re looking at lumber options for whatever projects you may have in mind, you may have come across the term “pressured-treated wood.” Pressure-treated wood is softwood that is infused with chemical preservatives to protect against rot from moisture or insects. The process is pretty simple: you place wood into a depressurized holding tank, which closes all the pores in the wood, making it pressure-treated. It’s definitely the best way to prevent rot and insects, but it doesn’t prevent weathering or corrosion.

What Chemicals Are Used?

Older treated wood was treated with chromated copper arsenic (CCA). It became a source of controversy due to its toxicity, however, and caught the attention of the EPA who began a process of strict oversight over companies using CCA. If you already have CCA, it’s totally safe as long as you apply the proper oils every year. Now, companies use alternatives to CCA that are arsenic-free, like alkaline copper quat. If you’re trying to use pressure-treated wood for a new deck or fence, you’ll definitely want to use newer pressure-treated lumber.

Other Treatments

There are other treatments that can benefit your lumber as well. Newer pressure-treated wood may be coated with a sealant that protects your wood from weathering and corrosion. Pressure-treatment will cover any kind of internal rotting, but a good sealant will help protect it from external damage. It’ll also slow down drying which could lead to warping. Bear in mind that it does need to dry out for around a month or two before painting or staining.

Primary Uses

Wood for any outdoor project should be pressure-treated as it’ll keep it from rotting. Indoor-construction wood isn’t as big of a deal, but outdoor projects like decks and fences require pressure-treated wood. Be careful with pressure-treated wood as much of it is covered in an insecticide and its sawdust can be an irritant to the eyes, skin, and nose.

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