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Preparing For Your Fence Installation This Summer

Preparing For Your Fence Installation This Summer

To prepare for your next fence installation, here is what you’ll want to do.

If your house doesn’t already benefit from a fence, you might want to consider installing one. Fences are perfect for establishing boundaries, offering protection, and making your home look great. But a fence installation isn’t as simple as having a professional come over and put it up for you. You have to make preparations to ensure the installation is a success. To prepare for your next fence installation, here is what you’ll want to do.

Mark Your Property Line

Before your fence installation starts, your property’s boundaries need to be clearly defined. By marking the perimeter of your property, your fence contractor will know where the fence can be installed. This will keep you from running into problems regarding boundaries with any neighbors you have. You’d be surprised by how many people are unaware of the exact dimensions of their yards.

Discuss the Fence Installation With Neighbors

Remember that your neighbors will also be impacted during your fence installation. Because of this, you should notify your neighbors about the installation ahead of time. You don’t want them to be bothered by your project. If your neighbors are aware that you’re getting a fence installed, they’ll have the time to prepare for it. Also, as mentioned earlier, you won’t run into any debates over property boundaries. Notifying neighbors removes a lot of awkward tension that could otherwise arise in the midst of the fence installation.

Make Sure There Are No Underground Utilities

A fence installation includes digging up part of the yard so the fence can be planted in place. However, underground utilities, such as pipes and power lines, can be damaged if you don’t know where they are. That’s why you want to find all underground utilities before you start the installation. This will let you know where the fence can be safely installed.

Get Rid of Any Obstacles

It’s easy to forget about underground obstructions, but obstacles that are on the surface are easier to spot and remove. The process is simple. Walk along the fence line before your installation begins and look for any obstructions that could get in the way, such as trees and large rocks. You’ll also want to account for any slopes. By taking these precautions ahead of time, you ensure that your fence can be installed smoothly. You also avoid needing to premeasure and purchase more panels, which can get expensive.

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