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Preparing for Exterior Painting in Spring

Preparing for Exterior Painting in Spring

Here is what you should get done before doing exterior painting for your houses this spring.

Spring is an opportune time to give your house a new coat of paint. Painting your house will give it a nice new look that will catch people’s eyes. Before painting the exterior of your house, though, you should take a moment to question what you can do prior to the painting process. As it turns out, there are plenty of preparatory procedures you can follow to get your house ready for painting. Here is what you should get done before doing exterior painting for your houses this spring.

Get Your Bushes Trimmed

If you’re going to hire an exterior painting company to handle painting for you, you want to make the property as easy to navigate as possible for them. Trimming the bushes is a huge help for painters because they won’t have to maneuver all of their equipment around the bushes. This way, they have a clear path to your house.

In addition to the convenience it gives painters, your house benefits too. When you trim bushes, you can more easily see the areas that get messy behind them. This way, you can apply paint to those spots with less hassle, leaving your house looking better aesthetically in the end.

Think About Hiring an Exterminator

For some houses, it’s possible that bees, bats, and other unwelcome guests have started to gather near your house. Having an exterminator come by for pest control will make everything easier when your exterior painting company doesn’t have to worry about running into anything they don’t want to see.

Remove the Decor From Your House

You’re not hiring an exterior painting company to paint the decor of your house, and if you have any furniture and other amenities blocking the surfaces of your house, they’ll only make painting the house a more complicated process.

If you remove everything first, your painting company can paint your house’s surfaces without fear of accidentally painting other things. It’s also advised that any vehicles parked next to your house be moved farther from the premises to avoid being sprayed with paint.

Replace Any Rotting Wood

Don’t do any exterior painting for your house until you know that there isn’t any rotting wood. Instead, replace any rotted areas with brand new boards, and make sure they have had time to become weathered before exterior painting starts. Getting new boards fastened before your painters show up is preferred because it will then only take one visit to get your entire painting project completed.

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