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Possible Concerns for Deck Safety

Possible Concerns for Deck Safety

Here are some of the safety risks that a deck can have.

A deck should be somewhere that’s enjoyable for every member of your family. Having to worry about potential accidents on your decking is not fun, but sadly, accidents are more likely to happen on some decks than others. In extreme cases, simple repairs won’t be enough, and you’ll have to get an entirely new deck if you’re ever going to enjoy one on your property again.

One of the better manners of minimizing hazards to safety is to understand what safety hazards there are. By understanding the risks your deck poses, you can take measures to get them under control and keep everyone safe. Here are some of the safety risks that a deck can have.

The Handrail is Tough to Grasp (Or You Don’t Have One)

Every deck is required to have a handrail that’s a minimum of 2.25 inches, and this handrail must be easy to grasp. The handrail also must be long enough to cover the entire length of your stairwell. Otherwise, people have a higher chance of falling over.

Your Stairs Don’t Have Sufficient Lighting at Night

There is a fairly new code in place that can affect older decks. Because there isn’t much natural light at night, your stairs need enough lighting to keep the area illuminated. Without this lighting, it’s much easier for someone to trip while climbing up or down your stairs. This can result in serious injuries.

You Have a Freestanding Deck

There are people who opt to get freestanding decks instead of ones that attach to the house. This can be done for a few reasons. Some pick freestanding decks because they go better with their house’s design. Others don’t want to pay to get a building permit.

The problem with freestanding decks is that they aren’t always as stable and secure. Some don’t have the necessary support, which can make them much more dangerous.

You Didn’t Get Flashing Installed Properly

If you have a deck that connects with your home, you need to have a ledger board in place. This board is supposed to be in the spot that connects your house with your deck, and it needs to be installed with the right flashing.

Flashing stops water from getting inside of your house. Without flashing, you’re much more likely to run into problems with mold and decay, making your house less safe. You will also be responsible for the expenses that come with getting it fixed.

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