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Should You Paint Your Home Before Selling?

Selling a home can involve a lot of work, especially when trying to please prospective buyer. There are detailed lists on how to successfully sell a house, but one of the biggest questions remains, “should you paint your home before selling?” We take a look at the answer in this week’s blog about what to paint and how before selling.Return on Investment Curb Appeal

Paint your home, yay or nay?

The short answer is yes; you should paint your home before selling. However, there are a few factors to consider, like what to paint and what colors to choose. Prospective buyers look upon fresh paint favorably, so long as it is done correctly. So what does ‘correctly’ entail?

Exterior paint

Painting the exterior of your home is great for selling, but be careful the colors you choose. Bold color choices can be flattering, but neutral tones are safer. While a rural home with wood siding can easily get away with bright country colors or earthy tones, a suburban home may be better off with white, beige or light yellow. Don’t forget; you may need to update your door paint as well.

Interior paint

Interior paint could go either way. If the current room colors are versatile and the paint is in good condition, repainting isn’t needed. However, there is no harm in doing so, and it should definitely be done if the current paint is looking a little worn or has some blemishes.

The same rules for indoor paint apply when selling: neutral tones are best. Wall colors that accentuate fixtures and appliances that will remain in the home, such as stoves or counters, are a safe bet as well. Anything that highlights the value of your home will help when it comes to selling.

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