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Increasing Curb Appeal with Aluminum Fence Gates

Aluminum fencing is one of the most attractive, affordable fencing options to homeowners. However, few realize the benefits of installing gates with their fencing. While not every fence needs a gate, they are valuable additions to many homeowners and can increase curb appeal.aluminum-fence-gates

If you’re considering aluminum fence gates as an addition to your fencing and home, check out the following benefits.

Aesthetic Appeal

While it’s not unusual for fencing to simply end on either side of the walkway to your door, there are definitely more attractive alternatives. A regal gate perched at the end of your walkway completes your fence and gives your home a feel of grandeur. There are many decorate aluminum gate varieties as well, giving you the option of choosing how elegant you’d like your gate to be.

Deterrent of Unwanted Company

Realistically, we know a simple aluminum fence gate isn’t going to stop someone with cruel intentions. However, just the presence of a gate can deter potential unwanted individuals. We associate gates with security, and therefore assume a gated home is a secure home and not a good idea to break into.

From Partial to Pet Friendly

If you have a fence around your home without a gate, it works well for establishing property boundaries and adding decoration. However, having a gate helps to keep stray animals out and your family pets in. You, your family, and your guests can easily enter and leave without hassle, but your pets (or visiting pets!) will be safely contained.

The aluminum fence is notorious for its durability and versatility, and aluminum fence gates only enhance these qualities. If your fence is gateless, don’t worry! Albaugh & Sons can install a quality, attractive fence gate so you can reap these benefits. Just give us a call, or check out our website for more information.

Aluminum fence gate installation and repair

When doing your research on Albaugh & Sons, you’ll find they match up to top-quality fence company criteria, and even go beyond it! With impeccable testimonials, a stunning portfolio, and the guarantee that your job will be completed at the BEST quality, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

Albaugh & Sons specializes in commercial and residential aluminum fence gate installation and repair, among other fence services, and has the right tools and professionals for your fencing job.

CONTACT US online, or give us a call at 301-964-9379 today to start your project!

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