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How You Should Replace Rotted Deck Boards (Part 2)

How You Should Replace Rotted Deck Boards (Part 2)

Here are the final steps to take when replacing rotted deck boards.

Deck boards get worn down over time, and eventually, under certain conditions, they can begin to rot. Rotted deck boards have to get replaced before they can cause further damage to your decking. We have already gone over the first few steps you should take when replacing rotted decking boards, but we want to review the remaining steps of the process with you. Here are the final steps to take when replacing rotted deck boards.

Make Measurements for Replacement Deck Boards

You need to know the size that your replacement boards need to be. Knowing the measurements ahead of time will ensure that your boards fit easily into their respective slots. You should subtract roughly an eighth of an inch from whatever measurement you get just so your boards will have the extra wiggle room they need to fit where they need to go.

Get Your Joists Swept

There are many pieces of debris that can get caught between your boards, such as dirt, pine needles, and leaves.  For this reason, you should take a moment to sweep your joists and keep debris to a minimum. You don’t want your new boards to have any difficulty fitting where they need to go while you’re installing them.

You should also monitor in what condition your joists may be. Be sure that your joists aren’t rotting or damaged in any other way.

Cut Out Your Replacement Pieces

Once you know how long your boards need to be, you can start the cutting process for the new boards. Deck pieces should be propped up so that nothing underneath the boards gets cut on accident.

Making marks on your deck boards can also be a big help, and it’s always recommended. This ensures that you know precisely where to make your cuts.

Attach Your Brand New Deck Boards

The last step to take when replacing deck boards is to get the new boards securely attached. Once the boards have been fastened to the deck, you should also do a double check to make sure the pieces are positioned how they should be, and that they fit perfectly. Once the boards are where you want them to be, you can screw the new boards into your deck, and then you should be all good to go.

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