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How To Winterize Your Lawn

How To Winterize Your Lawn

When the weather turns cold, it actually means you need to keep a closer eye on your lawn.

Summer is long gone. You can rejoice, because the days of constantly mowing the lawn have mercifully passed. The downside is that you won’t be able to enjoy your yard and weather the same way. Some people see the summer ending as a checkpoint, as if they made it to the season where they can slack on yard maintenance. This is not the case, and this mentality will lead to a rude awakening in the spring. When the weather turns cold, it actually means you need to keep a closer eye on your lawn. Follow these tips to ensure that your lawn looks perfect when the warmth comes back.

Mowing The Grass

We said “days of constantly mowing,” not that you should completely stop. Sorry to get your hopes up. There’s a general consensus that cold weather means cutting the lawn is no longer necessary. The reality is that you should keep mowing your lawn until it has clearly stopped growing. You don’t want to cut it too short, though, because that could lead to the dreaded yellowish/brown color. After you’ve noticed the grass has stopped growing, cut it one final time to prevent any molding over the winter.


The next step is to purchase fertilizer that is specifically designed for the colder months, as it’ll aid in plant growth throughout the time period. Applying fertilizer should be a systematic technique. Natural fertilizer will help the grass flourish over the colder weather. It’s a pre-winter supply that should be consistently applied on a cycle throughout.


There are different styles to aerating, but at its core, you’re providing a better environment for the grass to grow. Aeration is a rare tactic, but it can be extremely beneficial because it opens up the soil. If you have a smaller yard, hand aerators may be the way to go. The alternative option might be using a plug aerator.


This is a simple one, but don’t let your lawn become cluttered with leaves. Raking is a necessity, because if you let your yard fill with leaves it will wear the grass down. You can even redistribute the leaves into your lawn, or mulch them. You have plenty of options. Speaking of mulch, you also want to add an additional layer of topsoil to withstand the season.

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