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How to Decorate Your Fence for Thanksgiving

How to Decorate Your Fence for Thanksgiving

We’re going to take some time to show you how you can decorate your fence for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We’ve gotten to that time of year once again: Thanksgiving! As daylight savings has come to an end and the nights begin earlier, some people may think that not as much focus needs to be put on their outdoor landscapes, considering they will be less visible for a longer chunk of the day. However, we still think it’s a great idea to give your landscape a little extra charm, and Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to do this, one area of focus being your fencing. We’re going to take some time to show you how you can decorate your fence for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Add Some Potted Plants Around the Perimeter

Flowers always make landscapes look nicer, and your fence is no exception! Flowers such as mums and plumeria are sure to give your fence that extra bit of Thanksgiving flavor and make your landscape feel more cozy and fall-like. It doesn’t matter which type of fencing you have because there will always be flowers you can pick that go well with what you have.

Place Mini Pumpkins on Top of Your Fence Posts

Mini pumpkins are something you can typically find at your local market, and they remind passersby that fall is now here. You can even place candles inside of the pumpkins, which is extra ideal considering the nights are now longer. Consider how many fence posts you have so you know how many mini pumpkins you need to get.

Have a Banner on Your Fence

Banners can be another great decorative choice for fences during the Thanksgiving holiday. You can have them say all types of festive messages, and they’re easy to make right at home. With homemade banners, you give your property a look and feel that no other house can replace.

Hay Bales Along the Bottom of Your Fencing

Few things scream “fall season” quite like hay bales. Consider installing some along your fence’s bottom, and if you have extra bales, put a few more around your fence’s front gate. To add some extra charm, you can go as far as to add a few gourds, pumpkins, and scarecrows to really get into the festive spirit!

Corn Stalks and Lights

Corn stalks are great to have during the Thanksgiving holiday, so consider adding a few stalks around the entrance of your fence. After that, complementing your corn stalks with some festive lights can be a great way to bring your landscape to life after nightfall.

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