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How to Choose a Bathtub for Bathroom Remodeling

While showers are a quick and easy way to get clean, there are many benefits in having a bathtub. After a long day, bathtubs can provide serenity and relaxation. When it comes to comfort and aesthetics, many people prefer to also have a bathtub option in addition to a shower.bathtub-bathroom-remodeling

These days, there are many styles and options available to homeowners looking to add one to their bathroom remodeling project. Here, we’ll cover how to choose a bathtub that works well with your remodel or existing bathroom.

Factor #1: Space

Which bathtub you should choose depends a lot on how much space is or will be available. Whirlpool tubs are luxurious and romantic, but most of them take up a lot of space. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on elegance, however. Corner and drop-in tubs can be attractive space savers for smaller bathrooms.

Factor #2: Money

Depending on your budget, there are many bathtub options to choose from. Even a single style may have various brands and options available in different price ranges. Generally, the cheapest tub material is acrylic and fiberglass, while some of the most expensive available are stone or wood.

Factor #3: Features

It used to be bathtubs came with only one feature: they filled with water. Now, you can find a variety of bathtubs with many different features and benefits. Underwater LEDS, jets, speakers and digital controls are just some of the many options available with bathtubs today.

Factor #4: Style Preferences

The classic, elegant look of a clawfoot bathtub is admired by many. Others may prefer a modern design, such as drop-in or undermount bathtubs. Just like with features, today’s manufacturers present many different kinds of bathtubs available to meet any style preferences.

After taking all of these factors into consideration, you should be off to a great start in choosing your new bathtub! When you’re ready to take on the project, call Albaugh & Sons for expertise and guidance.

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