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Home Additions to Increase Your Home Value

Your home isn’t just the place where you live, it’s an investment. We love our homes, and adding an addition to our home not just improves our lives, it adds value to one of our biggest assets. If you’ve been thinking about a way to increase your home value, consider a few of these home additionsincrease-your-home-value


In today’s modern world, most homebuyers are looking for specific qualities in their prospective new home’s kitchen. Getting the right kitchen addition will boost your home’s value significantly. Consider a kitchen that’s open and airy, leaving lots of room for cooking that fabulous dinner for your guests. Also, consider adding some large bay windows to your kitchen if you have a particularly nice view outside. Everyone loves having a nice view, and windows are always a great feature for any new home addition.

Screened Porch

Everyone knows how Maryland can be in the summer. While the weather is beautiful, warm and sunny, the bugs can be horribly annoying. That’s why a screened porch is a great idea for a home addition for a Maryland home. It provides a great place to enjoy the wonderful weather, while keeping the bugs at bay. If you happen to have a beautiful view from your screened porch, that’s just a bonus.


While bathrooms may not provide the highest return on your investment, they are always a great addition to any home, particularly for homes that do not have enough bathrooms already. No new home buyers wants a 5 bedroom house with only one shower on the top floor, and a half bathroom in the basement. Larger families that might be looking at your home may have to pass due to the lack of bathrooms.


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