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Getting Your Walls Ready For Interior Painting

Getting Your Walls Ready For Interior Painting

To help with the preparation process, we have a list of steps you should take before you start your next interior painting project.

Interior painting can help bring new life to your room. However, to achieve that perfect paint job, you first have to get your room ready for painting. If you don’t prepare ahead of time, you could end up doing more harm than good for your room. To help with the preparation process, we have a list of steps you should take before you start your next interior painting project.

Clean Your Walls

You need to clean your walls before you start painting. Otherwise, the paint won’t spread evenly along all parts of your wall. This will cause your room to have uneven shades of color, which looks much less appealing.

To clean your walls, a vacuum or towel is preferred. For kitchens and bathrooms, a laundry detergent mixed with some water is also advised so you can get rid of any sticky residue left behind. You’ll also have to get rid of any wallpaper and use an anti-mold solution for any mold along your walls (you can call a professional to remove the wallpaper). You should get a sealer if you need to cover any heavy mold growth.

Remove The Old Paint

The old paint has to be removed before you can apply new paint. This ensures that the new coat of paint is applied smoothly to the wall’s surface. This step is often best carried out by an interior painting contractor to ensure the wall isn’t damaged in the process.

Repair Damaged Areas

Speaking of damage, there will likely be damage your wall has sustained over time. You will often find loose patches of plaster or cracks along the door frames and windows of your room, among other things. You’ll want to inspect the wall carefully so that all damaged areas get the attention they need. An interior painting contractor can help you remove old plaster and install new plaster, as well as add a sealant to any gaps you have around your windows and door frames.

Prime Your Walls

If you have walls that are covered with water-based paint, it’s alright if you apply a new coat of paint over the color you had. However, if your old paint color is oil-based, gloss, or semi-gloss, you need to use a primer. A painting company will know what precautions to take before painting your house, but it can be something important to note, depending on your old paint.

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