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Getting Your Interior Paint to Last as Long as Possible

Getting Your Interior Paint to Last as Long as Possible

Here is what we recommend to help maximize the longevity of your interior paint.

Painting is one of those simple and easy ways to improve your home’s look. Since it’s also a cost-effective option, it’s something that a lot of people are able to do. There are so many color options to use, all of which can give your rooms a different feel to them. One of the biggest problems with interior paint is making sure it lasts.

Every homeowner will want to be sure their paint sticks around for as long as it can. Here is what we recommend to help maximize the longevity of your interior paint.

In-Home Humidity is a Problem

If you plan on getting your house painted soon, try to lower the amount of humidity in the area. Moisture can ruin a good interior paint job, even if you have insulation in place to protect your house. This is due to water that gathers up behind your siding, which will eventually start causing your paint to peel.

Get Damaged Surfaces Repaired

Interior paint doesn’t stick well to a surface unless that surface is smooth and clean. Because of this, you have to get rid of any dirt and debris that may exist on your walls before you start painting. Then, no matter what you used to clean your walls, make sure that you rinse your walls to ensure that all of the residue is gone. If you don’t remove all of the residue from your walls, it might cause the paint on your wall to loosen up.

Prime, then Paint

Any professional painter is going to tell you that a good interior paint job doesn’t come entirely from the paint itself but also from the priming that’s done before painting begins. Using one coat of paint with one coat of primer will give you longer-lasting results than if you used two coats of paint. This is why people recommend that you prime your walls before you start interior painting.

Priming your walls also results in richer paint colors. Primers are good at concealing previous paint colors, allowing new paint colors to be more vibrant.

Hire the Right Company for the Job

If you’re going to have a professional come and do your interior paint job, make sure you pick one with the right list of credentials. Be sure that they have experience with interior painting, and see if you can get references from them who can vouch for their work. Seeing some of their past projects can also help you determine if they would be the right company to hire.

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