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Interior Painting: Your Front Door Color Communicates Family Values


Your front door color communicates your family values.

The appearance of your front door sets the tone for the rest of your home’s interior. Your front door is your home’s focal point. The color palette, design, and texture speak to your unique style and creativity. The right combination of interior paint can communicate a warm and inviting feeling. You’ll want your guests to feel welcome while standing at the entrance of your home. A cold, peeling, faded front door paint job is not only uninviting, it makes you appear apathetic towards the company. Show your guests respect by maintaining a cool, well-lit space with interior painting that speaks to the relaxing air inside. Follow our interior painting tips this week, and see how much your front door’s color matters.

Feng Shui And Door Colors

Feng Shui refers to the  spatial arrangement, orientation, and color of the interior/exterior of a space in relation to a flow of energy. The front door of your home is considered the ‘mouth of chi.’ Vital energy enters and exits your home through it. Its appearance communicates to the outside world who you are and what you stand for. If you live in a big house with your family, how do you identify, as a unit, to the world away from your residential space? Specific colors release different energies. Depending on how you identify, we’ll go over a variety of colors and their energy flow characteristics so you can make an informed decision.

Bold Red Front Doors

Red doors are striking, and according to Feng Shui practices, promote your reputation. In China and Japan, red was used, most commonly, for the south-facing entrances to shrines. Some Chinese building codes actually require high-ranking government officials to paint their doors red. If you want your front door to speak to your prominence, importance and family reputation, painting it red is cheerful, welcoming, and brings good fortune to individual prestige.

Serene Blue Hues

The color blue represents calm, relaxing, rejuvenating energy. Painting your front door a creative, unique shade of blue signals that you view your residence as a place of refuge. Show your guests to a perfect retreat from the outside world and invite them inside!

From Bright Lime To Dark Forest Shades

Shades of green are extremely popular exterior colors as well. With many connotations, green, psychologically speaks to health, safety, tranquility and harmony. Painting your front door green shows passer-bys that physical and emotional wellbeing are central to your family’s values. Take interior painting seriously! The way you present yourself is the way you’re perceived. Use your front door as a canvas for such sentiment.

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