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Fall Excavation

Skid Loading Service

Skid loading can help you clear debris quickly.

For many homeowners, the state of their property is a source of pride. Having a well-kept home with a nice fence and yard is what many people aspire to.  Tree stumps and other debris can decrease property value and detract from the overall visual appeal of the area around your home. Fall, in particular, is a time when a lot of debris can accumulate on your property. With leaves, branches, and even trees falling to the ground, now is a great time to assess your property and consider doing some skid loading and excavation.

Why Consider Excavation?

Home excavation allows for you to remove unwanted and unsightly debris from your property. Things like tree stumps take up valuable space from the rest of your property, so removing them can allow you to make additions, like a deck. Fall brings a lot of wet weather and wind with it, and these factors can cause trees to fall down. When this happens, they leave stumps behind and these pieces of the tree can be very hard to remove. Stumps have roots attached to them, which means that removing them requires special care. Leaving a stump could result in devastating consequences for the surrounding property. The roots could even grow and grow until they disrupt your sewer lines, which could result in costly repairs.


Also, fallen trees could hide dangerous wildlife like snakes and pests. Having these wild animals around could result in your property becoming not only less valuable but less safe to live on as well.


Professional Help

Contacting a professional for excavation will allow you with the resources you need to remove any unwanted objects from your yard with relative ease. Professionals have the knowledge and machines to remove any unwanted debris from your property.


While doing this work on your own is an option, it’s best to leave certain projects to the professionals. Taking on an excavation project on your own can lead to injury, additional property damage and the need for additional repairs to your property.


Consulting professional excavators allows you the peace of mind of knowing that the most qualified people are in control of making sure your removal project goes well. We have machines like skid loaders that are used to lift and remove debris from residential areas.



When researching Albaugh & Sons, you’ll find they match up to top-rated skid loading and excavation companies in terms of quality of professional work. Not only does Albaugh & Sons match these top-rated companies, but they go well beyond them! With impeccable testimonials, a stunning portfolio, and the guarantee that your job will be completed with the BEST quality materials and designs, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

If you are looking for Skid Loading and Excavating Services, you’ve come to the right place! Please contact Albaugh & Sons at 301-964-9379 or fill out the contact form found on our website.


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