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Factors That Determine the Best Fence Height

Factors That Determine the Best Fence Height

Here are three factors that should influence what fence height is best for your property.

If you’re in the process of getting a new fence, then you know that a lot of factors have to be considered when deciding what kind of fence to get. You need to think about the fence’s location, what material to use, and which company to trust with the installation. Another factor that should be considered is the height that you want your fence to reach. The right fence height for your property will depend on what kind of landscape you have, and we want to help you find the best height for your fence today. Here are three factors that should influence what fence height is best for your property.

Fence Style

Fence style is more important than you may think. Not only should your fence complement your building seamlessly, but it should also contribute to the overall beauty and aesthetic appeal your outdoor landscape offers. Taller fences promote a more refined look for your building, while shorter fences make your property look more inviting. Depending on what impression you want to send to those who walk past your fence, the best fence height for you could vary.

What’s the Fence’s Purpose?

All fences have one purpose or another. Sometimes, your fence needs to act as a security measure that keeps trespassers away, as well as various animals. In other instances, you might be trying to keep pets or small children from leaving your yard. Maybe you just want to help your yard look more beautiful and appealing.

Shorter fences make it easier to see everything around your outdoor landscape, so they are better for promoting curb appeal. Taller fences, on the other hand, are better for adding more security or giving you more privacy. Just be sure that your fence height is within regulations in your area.

Establishing Property Boundaries

If you are right next to another property, a fence can be a simple and effective device to establish where your property boundaries are located. Generally, if the goal of your fence is to show the borders of your property, you don’t need it to be very tall. With that said, you might still choose to make your fence taller anyway, depending on what look you want your property to have.

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