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Discover the Beauty of Cedar Fencing

Frederick, MD is often admired for its close proximity to urban cities such as Baltimore, while still offering country suburban charm for its residents. When researching fencing options for your Frederick home, don’t forget the charm and versatility of cedar fencing. A perfect mix of sophistication and rustic appeal, cedar fencing is a great fence option.cedar-fencing-frederick-md


Cedar fencing comes in a variety of heights, styles, and even colors. Staining makes it possible to achieve dark, light, constant or variable color. It can also be in any style available to wood fencing, making it an extremely versatile option to complement any home. You’re bound to find a style or color perfect for your home out of the many options cedar fencing has to offer.


As far as wood fencing goes, cedar is the most durable option. Cedar fencing has the benefit of natural oils which deter insects and rotting. It’s also incredibly strong, and doesn’t require sealants to protect it from the elements. If you love the look of wood fence but you want the structural stability of other fencing such as composite fencing, cedar is the best option. It’s even resistant to shrinking or warping, which is a concern for some types of woods.

Low Maintenance

Properly-installed cedar fencing is low maintenance, in addition to being attractive and durable. While staining and sealing are not required, they may be recommended depending on the manufacturer and the contractor. Otherwise, expect to do minimum maintenance—occasional cleaning, removing debris, etc.

Often chosen for being aesthetically pleasing, cedar fences have many benefits, making it an attractive option for Frederick, MD homes. Given its versatility, durability, and how low maintenance it is, it’s trusted as a top quality wood fence option.

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Schedule cedar fencing installation in Frederick, MD

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