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Deck Features You Could Install

Deck Features You Could Install

Here is what you can add to your deck to make it more enjoyable.

Many people who own decks treat them as additional rooms for their houses. After all, they do serve as great hangout areas, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. Like with any other room in a house, it’s not enough to simply have space to hang out. You’ll want amenities, different features to make your deck more pleasant. Here is what you can add to your deck to make it more enjoyable.

Fire Pits

Do you like staying outside after dark? Perhaps you want to enjoy your outdoor landscape even when the weather gets cold. Either way, a fire pit can be the perfect addition to your deck. They provide you with extra warmth, and the glow of a fire helps illuminate your yard so you can use your outdoor landscape whenever you’d like.

Fire pits are best to have in the middle of your deck because sparks could otherwise catch onto places such as fences, railings, or your house. You also won’t want to install a fire pit directly onto wood surfaces. To be safe, get some pavers and let them serve as a barrier between your wooden surface and your fire pit.

Lastly, you should always have water in the nearby vicinity. As much as we hope a fire doesn’t break out, you want to be prepared if this occurs.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are getting quite popular. By installing one on your deck, you’ll have much more space to prepare your favorite meals for your family and guests. This way, your indoor kitchen won’t get too crowded.

Just consider what cooking equipment you want to have in your outdoor kitchen because the equipment you pick will influence how strong your deck needs to be. The larger and heavier your cooking equipment is, the stronger your deck will need to be. Therefore, you might need to think of ways to add strength to your decking. A professional decking company can help you decide how to get the strength you need.

Also, like with fire pits, outdoor kitchens can be fire hazards if you aren’t careful. Therefore, cooking surfaces have to be at a safe distance from any vertical structures to minimize the chances of a fire breaking out.


Pools are great for entertaining guests or simply unwinding after a stressful day. Many decks are made of wood, so water can potentially damage your deck’s surface if you aren’t careful.  That’s why it’s best to have a composite deck to help make your deck more resistant to water damage. If you’re getting a deck installed, see which decking companies offer composite deck options.

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