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Comparing Timbertech and Evergrain Decking

Comparing Timbertech and Evergrain Decking

Let’s take a look at the differences between timbertech decking and evergrain decking.

Composite decking is rising in popularity. They require minimal maintenance while still retaining a captivating modern design, not to mention they add significant value to your home. There are a few different types of composite decking available. For now, we’ll be comparing two types of composite decking: timbertech decking and evergrain decking. Each one has its benefits, and the deck you choose will depend on your home and what look and function you want your deck to have. Let’s take a look at the differences between timbertech decking and evergrain decking.

Evergrain Decking

Evergrain decking is made from wood fibers and polyethylene. These decks are incredibly durable, allowing them to last for many years with proper care. When you go with evergrain decking, you get a natural look without all of the maintenance that goes into other natural decks such as wood.

These decks are preferred if you’re not as concerned about your budget. They’re also ideal if you expect your deck to get a lot of foot traffic. Evergrain decking can handle all types of stains, meaning you won’t have to worry as much about making a mess at a gathering, such as a family barbecue. It even does better at handling scratches, which makes it a suitable decking material for households with pets.

Timbertech Decking

Timbertech decking gives you a low-maintenance decking solution which is made out of incredibly durable material of the highest quality. What separates timbertech decking from evergrain decking is that timbertech decking has two separate lines of product. There’s the higher grade Earthwood Evolutions, and Terrain Collection, an option that is offered in two color sets and is preferred for families who are more concerned about how much they spend on their deck.

Timbertech decks offer homeowners more creativity, meaning they are better suited for families who want more freedom to customize their decks however they want, all while staying within a lower budget on average when compared to evergrain decking.

Which Deck Is Best For You?

Both timbertech and evergrain decking have their merits. But ultimately, what determines the best deck for your home comes down to your preferences. Both decks have similar aesthetic appeal and functionality, so you’ll want to look at the other features of each deck when choosing one for your house. Consider the purpose of your deck. Once you know what function you want your deck to serve, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

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