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Choosing The Right Tile For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project


Choosing the right tile will compliments your new bathroom remodeling project well.

Your bathroom is usually one of the first rooms your guests will walk into. In this case, it is often what the first impression of your home they’ll get. As a quiet place of refuge, your friends and family should feel calm, relaxed and cared for when using your facilities. So how can you make this possible? Colors, colors and more colors communicate specific moods actually help people feel more at ease. With a tasteful tile combination, your bathroom will gleam with positivity. Today, we’ll help you explore how to decide on the right tile for your bathroom remodeling project, and give you the tools in order to make your vision a reality.

Choosing That Wow Factor

First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a flashy tile that draws a lot of attention. This will be your focal point. Be advised, you only need one wow factor! Too many will crowd your bathroom’s aesthetic and add too much stimulation to the room. Pick your favorite tile! It should be that pattern you’ve always dreamed of, with flashy golds or colorful, busy patterns. Whether it’s made from classy, shining porcelain, or you want to create a lovely marble mosaic pick tiling you know your guests will have to comment on. Ignite your creative passion by using this tiling as a starting point, and add different tile that compliments the wow factor.

Make Sure You Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Your washroom needs to be a relaxing oasis for your guests. If you choose too many wow factor tiles, you’ll overcomplicate your design. Vibrant, clashing colors and patterns distract the eyes and energize the mind. You’ll want to choose three different tiles, exclusively. They must be cohesively aesthetically pleasing. Wisely decide on a floor tile, shower tile, and an accent piece (usually your wow factor). Keep your colors tame and soothe your guest’s minds in a room of rejuvenation. For help with your bathroom remodeling project see the information below!


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