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Can Exterior Painting Raise Your Home’s Value?

Can Exterior Painting Raise Your Home's Value?

Using exterior painting goes a long way with making your home as marketable as possible.

Seeing how residential real estate sales are on the rise throughout the country, a lot of homeowners are looking to put their homes up for sale. For many homeowners, making their houses easier to sell will mean making minor repairs to make their living space more attractive to potential buyers that in turn helps the owner to sell at a higher price. There are plenty of ways a person can improve the marketability of their home, and we’re here to tell you that an exterior painting job is a great idea for helping you to close that sale. Faded and outdated paint, or paint that is peeling, can dissuade people from buying your home.

A fresh coat of paint can give your home more curb appeal, which subsequently raises its monetary value. It’s a big deal when selling what may be the biggest investment you ever own. Using exterior painting goes a long way with making your home as marketable as possible.

Benefits Of Exterior Painting

While interior painting is another important aspect of your home and is definitely worth doing, designers and real estate professionals advise exterior painting. Professionals will tell you it is an affordable way to significantly raise your home’s monetary value. Exterior painting can do wonders for a home, raising its value anywhere between 2 and 5 percent. You can also paint your exterior with many different colors and designs.

But sales and looks aren’t the only reasons exterior painting is a good idea. It provides plenty of other benefits as well.

Paint Is More Economically Friendly Than Installing A New Vinyl Siding.

Old paint tells buyers they will need to perform maintenance on your home soon, which isn’t attractive when selling. With the right coloring, the house can be made out to look larger.

Most homebuyers will value exterior painting highly, so expect to be asked about the quality of your paint, and when you last painted your home.

Tips For Painting The Exterior

Exterior painting done right makes your home look clean, attract the most buyers, and improve the home’s value. That said, painting does have its challenges. To make sure your painting goes well, consider these tips:

  1. Freshen the exterior by using different striking colors for the window frames, trim, and railings.
  2. Neutral, white, and cream colors appeal to most buyers.
  3. To minimize the chances of warping, paint the vinyl siding a similar or lighter color.


If you don’t opt for a complete exterior painting job, at least consider painting your front door. The new paint gives viewers a feature that catches their eye.

Consider The Drawbacks

Having your home as appealing as possible is always an advantage when selling.  However, there are circumstances when exterior painting may not be the best idea. Perhaps you’re relocating because of a new job. In a case like this, putting money towards painting your home might not be worth it. Whenever your home has other costly repairs, sometimes this could make it more preferred to sell your home “as is”.

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