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What Are the Best Ways to Maintain Your Deck?

deck maintenance

Avoid easy maintenance mistakes and irreparable cleaning disasters by following these simple guidelines.

You have the dream deck you’ve always wanted, but now you need to know how to maintain it. All you need to know are the dos and donts of deck ownership. Avoid easy maintenance mistakes and irreparable cleaning disasters by following these simple guidelines.

To-Do Checklist:

Clean Deck Once A Year

When it starts to get warmer, not only is it easier for you to clean your deck, but it’s easier on your deck itself.  Waiting until it gets to be up to 70 degrees is ideal for your annual deep-cleaning.  After thoroughly sweeping and removing dirt from the cracks of your deck, scrub the wood with a deck-cleaning solution.

Cover Plants and Shrubbery Before Cleaning

Chemicals found in many of the deck-cleaning solutions are harmful to plants.  Since these products are tough of dirt, mold, and mildew, they may also kill a plant that adds to the natural ambiance of your outdoor space.  Before you begin your deck-cleaning process, be sure to cover up, or, if possible, remove any of your plants and shrubs.

Sand Before Sealing

After you’ve scrubbed and sprayed with your cleaning solution, make sure you sand the wood down to get rid of any splintery patches.  Using a power washer can cause wood to raise and splinter, so it’s best to use a sander and remove any questionable areas, especially near where people will be sitting or standing on the deck.

Do-Not Checklist:

Don’t Over-Do It with the Power Washer

Power washers make it very easy to quickly and deeply clean your deck.  However, going overboard with your power washer is a common mistake.  If used incorrectly, your dream deck may end up looking like an absolute nightmare.  Be sure that you are holding the washer a maximum of eight inches from the wood, as to maintain the smooth and sleek finish.

Don’t Clean with Bleach

Bleach is a harmful chemical, not only to humans, but to wood as well.  There are many bleach-free chemical cleaning solutions that are much safer for you, your pets, and your deck.

Don’t Use Paint as Sealant

Painted decks look elegant at first, but it’s never long before they look worn and dreadful.  Easily avoid this common mistake by choosing an oil-based sealant that leaves your wood looking fresh and natural all year long and for years to come.

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