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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Frederick MD Homes

An out-dated bathroom can give your home, and its guests, a stigma. You don’t want your bathroom compared to the gas station restroom down the road. It’s a harsh comparison, and your bathroom is unlikely to be compared to it. Still, if you keep putting off your bathroom remodeling, it’s only a matter of time.


Clean colors, metallics, and wood are all popular bathroom remodeling choices.

Bathrooms require special consideration for remodeling because of their generally moist environment. Known for build-up of germs and bacteria, and having so many water-related components (sinks, tubs, toilets), you should be keeping up with its condition.

If it’s time for a bathroom remodel in your Frederick MD home, but you’re not sure where to start, here is some inspiration compiled from Houzz’s list of modern bathroom design photos.

Light & Clean is In

If there’s one thing a bathroom wants to be seen as, it’s clean. Modern trends use light, clean colors—such as white, silver, and rose gold—to create a look of pristine luxury. Luckily, this is a very easy trend to follow. Many bathroom remodeling components have white as the main option. Add accents of silver or rose gold to your décor, mirrors, or shelving units for added appeal. These colors are also versatile for many decorating and remodeling options.

Also, plenty of natural or artificial light is now in demand for bathrooms, in contrast to their past reputation to be dark and private. Many different types of blinds allow plenty of natural light, while also offering privacy, and well-placed wall lighting can provide a good alternative.

Wood Cabinets and Shelves

Many of the photos featured in the gallery contained wood cabinets and shelves. They add an earthy, relaxing feel to any bathroom. If you want to feel like you’re visiting a spa when you enter your bathroom, consider wood options in your bathroom remodeling. Accents such as wooden soap holders, bamboo bath mats, and wooden towel racks can also add a natural feel to your bathroom.

Plenty of Mirrors

Modern bathrooms employ the use of multiple mirrors to add appeal. When used correctly, mirrors can be a decoration of their own, and give a room an elegant feel. Also, if your bathroom lacks light, mirrors can help project available light and make the room seem brighter. In addition, they can also hide wall blemishes without being suspicious. These three benefits make multiple mirrors an attractive bathroom remodeling idea.

Ask Albaugh & Sons About Remodeling your Frederick MD Home’s Bathroom

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