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Basement Remodeling Inspiration

Finished basement in house

Finished basement in house

If you’ve made the decision to remodel your basement, Albaugh and Sons is here to help! Our experts will provide you with a personalized and creative plan that will turn your basement into a room you enjoy spending time. You may want to add another bedroom or a kids’ playroom. Whatever your needs may be, we’ll work with you to make your vision a reality. Before you start the process, get some inspiration for your new project here!

Wall Finishes

Many basements have the same gray concrete walls that only make the space appear more dim and cold. While past designs have embraced the concrete walls, this past year in design saw many basement remodeling trends that included covering the walls up altogether. Using plywood, drywall, and even types of waterproof paint, designers are able to transform your basement into a space that feels unified with the rest of the house, instead of separate from it.


Basements tend to lack natural light, which is one of the reasons families don’t tend to spend too much time there. While the illusion of natural, calming light can be created with lamps, recessed lighting, and other mood lighting, paint color can also create a positive living experience. Choose a color light in tones such as creams, whites, and beiges. If you’re looking to create contrast, opt for a simple trim in an opposing color.


The trim is a well-chosen accessory for your room. You wouldn’t leave home without your favorite watch. Complete the look of your basement remodel with crown molding or simple trim. Trim in your basement remodel is a wonderful touch if other rooms in your house have trim as well.

Allow the Space to Flow

Do you have hardwood floors throughout your home? Maybe you prefer a carpeted look. However, you’ve designed your home, ensure that your basement remodeling project sticks to a similar vein. This will allow for your basement to feel like more of an intricate part of your home, rather than a separate entity. Take into account that the space is more likely to be subject to flooding and water damage, and make the appropriate adjustments.


When it comes to remodeling there’s no one in Frederick MD better for the job than Albaugh & Sons.

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