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5 Things You Should Consider Before Basement Remodeling

Choosing to remodel your basement will greatly increase your property value while adding a new adventure onto those home improvement plans! A remodeling job done right can yield a return of up to 77% in resale, according to The National Association Of Realtors. Whether you’re redesigning your entire basement, revamping an existing remodeling job, or adding livable space to a section of your subterranean storage space there are a few things to consider before hiring a remodeling contractor. Let us help you out this week with a list of the 5 things that need looked at before jumping into your big project!


Remodeling your basement is a process. A few things need to be assessed before starting your big project.

1. Think About Cost

Basement remodeling requires practiced budgeting. Although it is one of the most budget-friendly home improvement projects because the required materials are a bit less costly, mapping out your financial situation will avoid those crushing monetary surprises. Seeking out a remodeling contractor to help you is a smart thing to do! Tell them your plans, including furnishing, lighting, and repainting so they can give you an accurate cost analysis.

2. Too Much Basement Moisture Is A Problem

If your basement leaks and causes pooling, going through with remodeling plans could damage your newly designed furnishings. Fixing moisture issues should be done initially and will increase the thermal performance of your basement’s insulation. If moisture in your basement is caused by high levels of humidity, purchasing a de-humidifier will keep water vapor from condensing on your new upholstery.

3. You Need To Maintain Access To Plumbing

The water heater, pipelines, and sump pump are usually located in your basement. Because they are such important parts of your home’s daily functioning, they need to be easily accessible. If you’re going to remodel your basement, creating an unfinished plumbing section is recommended. Don’t get so carried away with your remodeling ideas that you create unnecessary obstructions to imperative equipment.

4. The Status Of Your Foundation

If the foundation of your home is cracked, sagging, or sinking into the Earth, a basement remodeling job should be postponed until these problems are rectified. Building a living space on a foundation that is not structurally sound is extremely dangerous. Keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your guests safe should be your number one priority.

5. Does It Need Lighting?

If your unfinished basement is a dark and dismal, that you’ve always dreaded entering, it will require adequate lighting. You should consider adding larger windows (if possible) to increase natural light, or installing recessed fixtures to the ceiling. This will really liven up the place so you’ll always have a cozy spot to cuddle up in. Consider the lighting you’d like to incorporate into your design before you begin.


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