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3 Tips For Your Basement

3 Tips For Your Basement

Thinking about upgrading your basement? Consider these 3 tips.

The basement should be an inviting space. It’s a room where fun is meant to be experienced. If you’re considering a remodel or redesign, it’s important to understand the best practices so your basement can flourish. In some homes, people tend to ignore the basement space, and often leave it looking cluttered with materials that aren’t visually appealing. That is not what you want, and we have a variety of ways to mask anything of that nature.

Choosing Your Ceiling

The ceiling of your basement is a subtle feature, but it actually holds great importance. In homes that don’t take care of the room, a true ceiling may be lacking. From the electrical wiring to the plumbing design, some basements show it all. That’s not a good visual. By finishing the ceiling, it makes it a more comforting place. There are three main styles of ceiling you could choose: drop, dry or decorative. A drop ceiling is easy, as it also gives you quick access to any pipes. In addition, they do a fine job of blocking out excess noise. Conversely, a drywall ceiling is maybe the plainest form. It’s also simple, but does not have the added access like a drop ceiling. Finally, a decorative ceiling is the style that can add the most to your basement in a visual sense.


The insulation of your basement is something to consider when assessing the design. It’s not exactly an exterior feature, but having a basement that is thoroughly insulated will increase the comfort of the room. Not only that, but it will also help with the temperature, as well as any moisture problems that may arise.


Finally, the lighting is a key fixture of any room. With your basement, recessed lighting might be the way to go. The style of lighting is important to determine before any construction begins. It’s also smart to figure out the type of bulbs to invest in, as well as the level of wattage you would prefer. You’ll also want to assess how the pockets of lighting will be spaced out. You don’t want the basement to be a black hole of darkness, but you also don’t want the light to overwhelm. So, it’s important to find a nice balance and separate the areas of light appropriately.

Ready To Start Your Remodeling Project?

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