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3 Simple Tricks and Tips for Stump Removal

stump removal

Before you begin your stump removal project, consider these tips from lot clearing experts.

When clearing your property, you may notice a few stumps that need to be removed as well. Whether those stumps are creating hazards for you and your family or you simply want to open up your outdoor space, stump removal is not an easy job. If you’re considering removing these stumps yourself, there’s a lot to know before starting the project. Contacting a local lot clearing expert is a good idea if you have any concerns whatsoever. Before you begin your stump removal project, consider these tips from lot clearing experts.

Clear the Area

First, check the entire area surrounding each stump that you are removing. Take note of what else might impede the removal of the stump itself. Anything and everything surrounding the stump will need to be removed as well. Use a shovel to remove all the rocks and debris around the stumps and clear the area completely.

Cutting It Down

Before totally removing the stumps, you need to cut down as much of it as you can with a chainsaw. With your chainsaw, you’ll need to cut as much as the stump down as you can, so that it’s almost level to the ground. Chainsaws, of course, are dangerous power tools, and if you’ve never used one before, stump removal is best left in the hands of lot clearing professionals who have equipment that can turn a potentially dangerous job into an easily managed project.

DIY Grinding

Once the stumps have been cut down, it’s finally time to start grinding. Using the hydraulic lever of your stump grinder, place the grinder wheel a few inches above the stump. Slowly lower the wheel about three inches into the stump, moving it side to side to grind as much of the area as possible. If at all unsure about this process, the best thing to do is to contact a stump removal expert so that your project can be executed swiftly and safely.


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