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Wood as a Low Maintenance Decking Solution

Wood as a Low Maintenance Decking Solution

Some people don’t think that wood is a good material for low maintenance decking, but this is far from true.

Some people don’t think that wood is a good material for low maintenance decking, but this is far from true. The top surface of wood gets oxidized whenever it’s exposed to sunlight. That’s because the ultraviolet rays cause a chemical reaction in the wood that triggers a sort of graying process common among all wooden materials. These ultraviolet rays also can cause synthetic decking surfaces to fade and dull.

If you love the appeal of natural wood, there are many low maintenance decking options from which to choose. If you go with softwood decking options like fir or cedar decking, they’re susceptible to splitting and cracking. This means you’ll have to get them painted, stained, or sealed every year or two to keep them in top condition. This also stops them from rotting.

On the other hand, hardwood decking is more reliable as a low maintenance decking material. It lasts a long time, is incredibly durable, and it won’t deteriorate very easily. When you use high-density hardwood decking materials, oxidation doesn’t go too deep. You can reduce this appearance by using penetrating oil, applying it to the surface of your deck boards every one or two years. But if you prefer a more silver-like patina, just let the decking develop that mellow look.

Low maintenance decking is excellent for high-traffic areas of your home, especially when you have pets or furniture that are likely to scratch up your floor. Hardwood floors are the perfect low maintenance decking solution for situations like these because you can have your floor sanded to have it look like new again. Composite and plastic decking materials, on the other hand,  have to deal with any imperfections caused by scratches. Some people are mesmerized by any “low maintenance” decking material out there, but you need to do your research on what decks are truly best for you. Some come with limited warranties, so make sure to read through everything carefully before reaching a decision.

Now, remember all decks are going to require some level of maintenance. At the very least, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your deck once every year, and sometimes more. No decking material’s perfect, but we recommend hardwood as the low maintenance decking material of choice. You get all of the appeal of natural wood and have to do very little to maintain that glamorous appearance.

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