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What to Consider Before You Hire a Painting Contractor

What to Consider Before You Hire a Painting Contractor

Before picking a painting contractor, consider these factors.

Paint is a more powerful factor around your house than you may realize. Depending on the paint job you get, the mood of your room completely changes. A proper paint job will bring years of enjoyment to your home, while a poor job will bring only frustration. It’s a job that should be taken very seriously, and you want the job to be done right the first time. For this reason, people often gravitate to licensed professionals for help. But how do you know which company to hire? Before picking a painting contractor, consider these factors.

Are They Insured?

Before you hire any painting contractor, you want to confirm that they have the proper insurance. Keep in mind that they will be working on your property. If they aren’t insured, you can be held accountable for any accidents that occur while they’re working. An insured contractor is a safer option because accidents will be covered by them instead. Make sure that the insurance they have is adequate.

Are They Licensed?

There are different types of licensing a painting contractor can get. Some are only for residential properties, while others are solely for commercial properties. Some licenses are for smaller jobs, but not larger ones. Be certain the company you hire has the right licensing for your project.

Does The Painting Contractor Have References?

You have the right to know a little about your painting contractor before your project begins. For this reason, any company worth your time will be happy to supply you with references. If they get uppity when you ask for references, this should serve as a red flag. A company that offers high-quality services will be more than happy to provide you with a list of references. Some companies may even offer references to you before you ask them.

Can You Get a Warranty or Guarantee From Them?

Any company worth hiring will be able to offer some kind of warranty or guarantee. For reputable companies, warranties between one and three years are commonplace. Make sure that the warranty covers the materials and the labor for the job. Also, make sure you understand everything excluded from the warranty, so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises later. Lastly, you should always get your warranty in writing. Be wary of any company that only makes verbal promises because they may try to go back on their word.

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