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What Does Your Bathroom Say About YOU?

Modern Residential Home Bathroom

The Holiday season is closing in on us, which means that your family and friends will be stopping by for parties, and even sometimes unexpectedly. While you’re mentally prepared for the amount of time you’ll be spending with your in-laws and your Uncle Carl, take a few moments to decide how you want to display your home, and what your design and habits might say about you.

Are you outdated?

If you purchased your home awhile back, and haven’t renovated the bathroom, then chances are your design is a little outdated. Your home may be immaculately clean, but an outdated bathroom looks like an unkempt bathroom. It says that you haven’t taken the time to change that aspect of your home, and it says that maybe you don’t care about your bathroom all that much.

Are you a traditionalist?

A rustic styled bathroom says that you’re a traditionalist who likes to keep things simple. Wood paneling and elegant accessories give your bathroom the feeling of an old country farmhouse. It says you have good manners, you’re respectful of your elder, and you value your time with your family.

You’re Stylish

You’re a modernist with minimalist tendencies. Your home is always clean with elegant touches that have a stylish functionality. You show your good taste with a few splashes of color, and express your chic style with modern sinks and large mirrors.

You Enjoy the Finer Things

Some people call you high maintenance, but the truth is that you just have expensive tastes. Your bathroom is on the bigger size of the spectrum. You like to invest in expensive sweet-smelling toiletries and you enjoy leaving mints or candies out for people to take. Soft, pampering towels say that you enjoy comfort, style, and relaxation.


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