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Signs That You Should Repaint the Exterior of Your Home

Signs That You Should Repaint the Exterior of Your Home

Here are some of the signs that you’ll want to repaint the exterior of your home.

We know that our homes require painting at some point, but when exactly is the right time? This is a question that is not easily answered, especially because exterior painting for our homes is not something we regularly do. With that said, there are signs that will help tell you when you should get repainting done. Here are some of the signs that you’ll want to repaint the exterior of your home.

The Paint is Peeling, Bubbling, or Cracked

Your paint should always be without cracks, bubbling, or peeling of any kind. All of these are signs of paint damage, and when your paint peels away, those parts of the house become more susceptible to damage from the weather. For example, you could run into problems with mold or mildew, or your home’s exterior could even start to rot in some places.

The best thing you can do is prevent these bigger problems from happening, and you can accomplish this if you repaint your home’s exterior. This way, you’ll give your home the extra layer of protection it needs to stand up to whatever weather conditions come its way.

The Caulking is Cracked

You typically have caulking around both your windows and doors, and it serves as a sealant. When the caulking gets cracked, you can sometimes fix up the damaged areas by adding more caulking to them.

If you don’t treat those areas, moisture could seep in, and this moisture can be quite damaging to your home. The risks only increase when you have larger cracks, which is why you’ll definitely want to replace the caulking in those situations.

Moisture Stains and Mold

There are some types of mold and moisture stains that only affect the surface of your house. In these situations, you could simply get rid of them with some elbow grease or power washing.

In other situations, however, the stains could be indicators of more serious damage. If there are stains you cannot remove, you should have a professional inspect the area. Many stains will require you to repaint over them, but it’s possible that the material will need replacing too, depending on the scale of the damage.

Colors are Fading

When the surface of your home endures enough weather, the paint will start fading. This is only natural. Once the paint starts fading, it not only affects your home’s appearance, but it also means your paint isn’t giving your home’s surface enough protection anymore.

Therefore, you’ll want to repaint the surface of your house. This way, you can improve your home’s look while giving it the protection it needs to stand up against the weather in the future.

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