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Signs of Old and Worn-Out Paint

Signs of Old and Worn-Out Paint

Here are signs that your home’s exterior needs new paint.

Just like other parts of your home, the exterior of your home can only stay in good shape with routine maintenance. Without proper maintenance, your house will start to look worn down, and it won’t hold as much monetary value. Many factors influence how valuable your home is, and one of the most important variables is your paint. While a fresh layer of paint can give your home a refined and polished look, you’ll get the exact opposite effect when you have old paint sticking to your walls. So when is your paint considered to be too old? There’s no clear answer, but there are signs that will tell you when it’s time to repaint your house. Here are signs that your home’s exterior needs new paint.

Your Current Paint is Damaged

There are many indicators of damaged paint. You’ll likely see bubbling, cracking, and/or peeling. Damaged paint is often a sign of paint that hasn’t been applied properly, but it could also be a result of weather damage, whether it be caused by water, UV rays, or wind.

Peeling or cracking paint could also indicate that you have issues regarding rotting wood, mildew, or mold. That’s why you should never ignore this problem if you see it.

Paint is Starting to Fade

Faded paint doesn’t look good on anyone’s property. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if fading has occurred. To make it easier to tell, take a photo of your home once you’ve applied a new coat of paint. You can compare the look of the photo with the look of your home as it is now.

Over the years, paint starts to lose color. This happens due to factors such as exposure to sunlight. Darker colors will fade more quickly than light colors, so when you decide to repaint your home, you might want to keep that in mind.

Cracked Caulk

Caulking’s shelf life is much shorter than most paints, especially when it’s used on the outside of your house, and it’s up against the elements all of the time. If you notice that your caulk is beginning to crack or crumble, it’s a sign that you should reapply your caulk to the entire exterior of your house.

This stops water damage from coming to your siding, and you’ll have more protection for your home’s exterior. A fresh coat of paint and sturdy caulk will be the difference that will keep your gaps sealed and protect your finish.

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