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How to Protect a Wood Deck From The Elements

Wood Deck

Your wood deck needs proper prevention measures applied to keep it safe from the elements.

When choosing the right deck, you’ve decided a wood deck is the best choice for you. While a composite deck does offer you low maintenance that isn’t too difficult to deal with, your wood deck benefits from a natural beauty that is unmatched. Wood decks look amazing, but there’s always a catch. You’re going to need to perform regular maintenance and part of that is protecting it from the elements. If you’re wondering how to keep your deck safe from the elements, read on to find out what the basic steps are.

Basic Cleaning

First, you’ll want to sweep your deck and remove any debris. Be sure to check between the boards and get rid of whatever debris you can. Pay special attention to areas where deck boards cross the joists, as these are the areas that tend to accumulate much more dirt, leaves, and other debris. Routine cleaning is a great preventative step that will keep bad weather from doing harm to your deck.


Basic repairs are actually somewhat easy. Popped nails or screws can be put back in place, whereas warped deck boards, splintering, or wood rot can be repaired by a professional deck contractor. Don’t wait to make these essential repairs though, however, as the issue can worsen with time and you’ll end up having to replace more than you otherwise would.

Power Washing

Power washing is the best way to clean your deck entirely. Be careful, as power washers can do damage to your deck if used improperly. Follow the instructions and get your deck shining like it’s brand new.

Stain and Waterproof

Lastly, you’ll want to wait until your deck is completely dry before applying a stain. Staining or sealant can help waterproof your deck and prevent wood rot. Wood rot isn’t just aesthetically unpleasing, but it can actually be a safety hazard. You don’t want someone falling through your deck and getting injured. Decks require us to take the steps to prevent rotting and further damage.

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