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Photoelectric Vs. Ionization Smoke Detectors

Photoelectric Vs. Ionization Smoke Detectors

Today, we’re going to compare ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors, and show you why you’ll need both around your house.

Smoke detectors are necessary devices for keeping your home safe if a fire emergency ever arises. These detectors come in two main types, which are ionization and photoelectric detectors. Each type has its differences, providing different advantages for your home. Today, we’re going to compare ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors, and show you why you’ll need both around your house.

Ionization Smoke Detectors

These types of detectors are better at responding to flaming fires. In other words, they respond to fires that have a lot of heat output. One example might be a fire that is caused by a candle being knocked over.

Since these detectors respond most quickly to flaming fires, we advise you to install them in places that have a lot of flammable items. Such flammable items to watch for may include paper, paint, or grease.

Something to note about ionization detectors is that there is a little bit of radioactive material within them. Anytime that smoke goes into the chamber, this radioactive material will react in a manner that causes the alarm to get triggered.

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Photoelectric detectors work a little differently from their ionization counterparts. Photoelectric variants are quicker to respond when faced with smoldering fires rather than flaming ones. These are the fires that cause less heat and burn more slowly. Such fires could be started by something such as cigarettes that get discarded improperly.

These detectors also have a different way of being triggered. They have a light contained within the chamber. This light is reflected to a light sensor anytime that smoke gets into the chamber, at which point the alarm will go off.

We Advise You to Use Both Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Because both of these kinds of smoke detectors have their purposes, we suggest that you use both of them around your home. This way, you’ll be alerted to the most possible fire dangers. When getting them installed, make sure to place them in all of your bedrooms, just outside of every sleeping area, and on all levels of your house. This way, you’ll be able to hear an alarm from anywhere within your home.

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