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Paint Colors That Are Good for Repelling Bugs From Your House

Paint Colors That Are Good for Repelling Bugs From Your House

Here are some paint colors that could help to keep pests away.

Many people choose paint colors for their homes based on how good they look and how they complement the property as a whole. If you need another reason for picking paint colors for your house, have you thought about paint color as a potential insect repellant?

We understand that pest control may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about paint colors, but there are certain reasons that a paint color can deter some insects. Some insects rely on color for finding food, predators, or potential mating partners, among other things, meaning color can play a role in determining whether or not insects will flock to your building. Here are some paint colors that could help to keep pests away.

Paints That Reflect Light

We know this isn’t technically a color, per se, but paints that reflect light can also help keep insects off of your property. Many insects are attracted to the ultraviolet light emitted by the sun, so when your building has paint that reflects this light, insects will be less likely to stick near your house.

Just be careful when selecting paint colors because some colors should do a better job of deterring insects than others. For example, orange, blue, and yellow can all be bright colors that reflect light, but they also replicate the colors of certain flowers, meaning insects may still be drawn to your building. Instead, try going with darker blue colors or even a bright green if you want to keep pests from being a bother to you.

Keeping Mosquitos Away

If mosquitos are your concern, darker colors may not be the best idea. Dark colors are better for deterring other insects, like beetles. Since mosquitos see shades of color that aren’t inside the UV spectrum, it’s safer to go with more vivid colors if you’re trying to keep them away. Examples of suitable colors you can try include yellow, blue, and white.

Keeping Flies Away

Flies are among the bugs that are heavily influenced by color. At the University of Florida, research was done that determined flies were drawn to tones of blue, while warmer tones such as yellow served as repellants. This means if you want to keep flies away from your house, consider using paint colors that have warmer tones, and be sure to avoid the color blue.

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