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Illuminate Your Basement with These Lighting Tips and Techniques


These simple lighting tips will help you illuminate your space during your basement remodeling project.

During your basement remodeling, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is your basement lighting. Basements are tough spaces to adequately illuminate because they are mostly below ground and do not get a tremendous amount of natural light. Without the help of the sun during the day, it is up to you to decide which kind of lighting will brighten up your space while making it feel warm and inviting without being too blindingly bright. These simple tips will help you light your space perfectly during your basement remodeling project.

Planning Ahead

Any remodeling project requires some forethought. Before embarking on your basement upgrade, it’s a good idea to figure out what you do like (if there is anything) about your current basement lighting and what you want to get rid of. Recess lighting in basements is a must. Some people can find overhead lighting too bright. This problem is easily fixed with recess lights that can be dimmed so that you can raise the lights when you need total illumination and lower the lights for watching a movie or just relaxing.

Bulbs Matter

Both CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs are popular choices for basements. LED bulbs have been frontrunners in recent years because they are the best for conserving energy and shaving some dollars off your electricity bills. Both of these are perfect for overhead lighting, and they come in many hues that will give you the brightness your space requires.

What About Wattage?

Wattage is a measurement that is falling out of favor as lumens become a more accurate way of measuring light. A good rule of thumb to be aware is that a 25-watt CFL bulb produces 1,600 lumens, and a 15-watt LED bulb produces 1,100 lumens. Another thing to consider when thinking about the brightness of bulbs is the warmth or coolness you’ll want your lights to produce. Mixing it up in different areas of your basement is a good way to use both warm and cool hues. Warm bulbs in sconces, table, and floor lamps are always best for these kinds of lights as they are not too harsh but also create a welcoming, calming atmosphere.


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