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Does my Home Need Crown Molding?

unfurnished diningroom with lots of windows

Are you ready for crown molding?

No, it isn’t a fungus forming on the top of your head… crown molding is actually an elegant way to flare a wall or door out to a finished top edge in any room of your home. It’s generally used for capping walls, pilasters, and cabinets, and is commonly used in the creation of interior and exterior door and window hoods. It’s the perfect way to highlight the transition between the walls and ceiling and serves as an elegant form of decoration in any room. Albaugh and Sons is proud to offer custom crown molding as part of our list of interior carpentry services.

But Why Do I Need It?

Much like a picture needs a frame, your doorways and other aspects of your home need trim. Crown molding gives a profile to aspects of your home that draw the eye inward. It accentuates the elegant curves and distinguished angles of doorways, accent walls, and even your ceiling. It elevates a room’s stature, and creates a cohesive polished look for the entire space. Depending on your own personal style, you can accent your crown molding to your preference. Use simple artwork for a minimalist approach, or take a grander approach with lavish décor.

Do I Have to Use the Same Style?

This is a great question: does the crown molding have to be the same in every room of the house. If your ceiling is the same height throughout your home and the rooms are similarly proportioned, then matching your crown molding to each room could create a nice flow. However, if your ceiling height and room size are mismatched, then changing up styles of molding is a lovely way to make each room unique. It’s up to your personal style. Decide whether you want your home to be uniform or if you want specific rooms to stand out.

Is it Functional?

In some historic American homes, crown molding was originally used as a way to hang pictures. The walls in these homes were typically made from plaster, and people had a difficult time driving nails through them. Hence, crown molding was introduced as a way to decorate one’s home. A picture would have a long string or hanging wire attached to the back in order to hang from the high ceiling. Our walls now are much more nail-friendly, but crown molding still has a decorative function.

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