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Fence Safety 101: Storm Season

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Ensure your fence is secure during the next big storm!

In Maryland, the seasons are temperamental. It isn’t uncommon to experience 80-degree weather late into autumn, and the first snowfall may happen as early as November. When the temperature changes drastically in fall and spring, it’s more likely that a bad storm will head our way. When this happens, it’s best to be prepared.

We may not have to board any windows or hide out in dark basements, but it’s best to take a few precautionary steps to prevent any damage to your property. Your fence may have been installed to protect your house and family, but during a storm, it may do more harm than good. As the seasons change, take a few minutes to examine your fence and ensure that its storm proof.

Check for Loose Posts

Whether your fence is brand new or has been protecting your home for years, it’s best to walk around the perimeter and examine each post. Unstable posts could potentially break off during a storm or snap under the weight of a heavy wind. This is problematic for your fence as it may cause damage to the rest of its exterior and problematic for your home as loose posts could fly towards to house or your neighbor’s property.

Check the Fence Line

Are there any trees or limbs that hang over top of your fence line? These provide shade during sunny days but potentially cause damage to your fence during a bad storm. Large limbs could fall onto your fence, or dead trees could become uprooted and break your fence as well. Trimming any large limbs are removing dead trees could save your fence from destruction.

Check Your Yard

That lacrosse goal may appear innocent now, but come time for a storm it could have the potential to damage your home or the interior of your fence. Be sure to bring any items close to the house or into the garage before a big storm hits. If you have any potted plants outside it’s best to bring them closer to the house as well as they could tip over and break during a heavy wind.


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