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Fence Replacement Vs. Fence Repair

Fence Repair

How do you tell if it’s time to repair your fence or replace it?

For many homeowners, the question may arise whether or not to repair your fence or just outright replace it. A lot of times cost is the biggest factor. Cutting corners with fence repair and replacing a continually problematic fence may end up biting you in the tail after long enough, so even if it seems cost efficient upfront to simply repair or repaint your fence, it may save you money over time to full on replace the fence. Let’s compare fence replacement and fence repair.

Why Repair?

There are a few reasons you may consider simply repairing your fence. Your wood fence may become discolored, begin to warp, or start splintering. Carefully inspecting your fence will reveal the extent of the damage. If there are small holes or cracks, you can fill them with wood filler or putty. Extensive damage might require replacement of the affected board. Vinyl fence on the other hand is susceptible to cracks.

The problem with fence repair is that replacing or filling imperfections might make it stand out. Unless you paint over your filler to match the rest of the fence, it will always look different. If you replace a panel entirely, you run the risk of the coloration not matching the original posts.

Replacing Pesky Fences

If fence repair hasn’t been going well, it may be time to replace the fence entirely. The general rule of thumb is that if over 20% of your panels or pickets need to replace, it’s probably a good time to invest in an all out fence replacement. A good fence can last anywhere between 20 and 50 years if properly maintained, but once your fence starts showing visible signs of aging, it could be the time to replace it.

Maintenance is Key

The best solution to avoid either of these routes is to properly maintain your fence, negating the need to repair or replace it. Annual sealing or staining will protect your fence from the elements and help it last as long as it possibly can. Vinyl fences should be regularly washed off with a hose..

Let Albaugh and Sons Repair or Replace Your Fence

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