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Composite Decking Cleaning Tips

Composite Decking Cleaning Tips

Here are cleaning tips you should follow when caring for your composite decking.

If you have a deck, then you’ll know that the decking material you choose plays a large role in how long it lasts. On top of the material itself, there is the maintenance that you have to do to keep your deck in good shape. For many people, composite decking seems to be the preferred decking material. Composite decks don’t demand as much maintenance as other decks, but there are still some cleaning tasks you will need to complete. Here are cleaning tips you should follow when caring for your composite decking.

Cover Your Landscape Plants

This step happens before you actually begin the cleaning process. Your landscape plants need to be covered by using a tarp or some other covering. This keeps them protected against any chemicals that could be detrimental to their health. As a result, your plants will survive with no problem, and you can continue to enjoy them when you relax on your deck.

Sweep Up

Your deck is going to get messy from time to time because of debris such as leaves and pine needles that fall off of your trees. Take a broom and sweep all of that debris off of your deck to keep it tidy.


This is something you should do after clearing your deck of all of its furnishings. Once the deck is empty, take a garden hose and rinse all of the surfaces. You could also try a power washer, but you run the risk of damaging your deck in the process. For those using power washers, use the lowest pressure setting possible, and be no fewer than eight inches away from whatever surface you’re rinsing. This way, your composite decking won’t get accidentally damaged in the process.

Spray Your Deck Using Soapy Water, Then Scrub

Spray your composite decking down with some soapy water. Then, by using a soft-bristled brush, scrub the surface of your deck. This is an effective method for cleaning up more stubborn debris that has piled onto your decking.

Rinse Your Composite Decking Using Clean Water

After scrubbing down your deck, take a garden hose and rinse your deck using clean water. Ensure that every bit of soapy residue is gone before you put your hose away. After that, simply allow your composite decking to dry, and you’ll be all ready to enjoy your newly cleaned deck.

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