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Comparing Fences: Cedar Fencing vs Pine Fencing

When considering the installation of a wood fence, both cedar fencing and pine fencing are excellent options. However, like all fences, they have their differences in benefits. To decide which option is right for you, a side-by-side comparison should be done.Cedar Fences Frederick County

You don’t have to search the web for these comparisons. We’ll cover that comparison for you below to help you choose your new wood fence!

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is known for its vibrant color and durability. Although it is more expensive than pine fencing, it requires little maintenance and upkeep. It will, however, need a good cleaning about once a year. A professionally-installed cedar fence can be expected to last 30+ years, which is excellent for wood fencing. However, it’s not often used for fence posts in soil due to durability issues with cedar posts in those conditions.

Pine Fencing

Pine fencing is more affordable than cedar fencing, and although it doesn’t have a reputation for lasting quite as long, it’s still an incredibly durable option due to being pressure-treated. They also require a bit more maintenance, but nothing major—mainly re-staining and re-painting. They also work well as fence posts where cedar does not work as well. The natural color of the wood isn’t quite the same hue as cedar, but can be easily stained or painted.

Depending on your needs and preferences, either fencing option is a good choice. The application of the fence, the landscape, appearance preferences and other factors should be considered as well. Not sure which one is the right option for you? No worries! Albaugh & Sons can walk you through pricing and benefits, and help you decide whether pine fencing or cedar fencing would be better for your home.

Cedar fencing and pine fencing in Frederick, MD

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