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How to Clean Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

Cleaning your vinyl fence is a great way to keep your yard looking nice.

The nice part about having a vinyl fence is that they’re super low maintenance. It can be easy to throw a vinyl fence up and hope for the best, but they will eventually require some cleaning. But don’t worry! Cleaning a vinyl fence is easy, and here at Albaugh & Sons, we want to provide you some basic tips for cleaning your dream fence.

When Should You Clean It?

Your vinyl fence may be the best kind of fence for your home, but after a while, you may realize a green or yellowish tinge that creeps over the beautiful, once-perfect white of your vinyl fence. This is a sign that algae has started growing on your fence. Particles of plant matter can stick to the sides of your vinyl fence, and that combined with sunlight and moisture from rain will lead to algae growth. Got algae? It’s time to clean your fence.

How Do You Clean It?

Cleaning a vinyl fence is as easy as tying your shoes. Actually, tying your shoes requires some knowledge of how knots work, but all you need to clean a vinyl fence is a hose, a bucket, and some vinyl cleaning solution. You may want to use a nice big stiff brush as well. It’s pretty simple. Spray down your fence with the hose a bit, then use your brush to apply some of the vinyl cleaning solution. Scrub any problem areas down and bam! Your fence is clean again. Use the hose to spray off any remaining suds and your fence will be like new.

So How Often Should I Do This, Anyway?

Vinyl fence maintenance is pretty easy, but if you’re worried about having to do it often, don’t be. Cleaning your fence should only really be done about once a year, maybe more if you notice your fence continually getting splotchy. You can prevent algae buildup by washing away grass clippings after mowing your lawn and keeping any nearby bushes or trees well-trimmed.

Getting a Vinyl Fence With Albaugh and Sons

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