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Choosing The Best Basement Lighting For Your Remodeling Project


Hire a basement remodeling contractor to help with your lighting design!

If you’re taking on the big projects this summer, remodeling your basement is one of them! Requiring a lot of preparation, time management, smart shopping, and decision making, we’re here to help you out. A professional basement remodeling contractor ensures the timely completion and necessary clean-up phase from start to finish. Basements can be dark, wet and dismal if you don’t light them up properly with necessary lighting. Transform your basement into a cozy living space with recessed LED bulbs and layered, illuminated ambiance in this week’s blog.

A Lack Of Natural Light

Feeling like you’re trapped in a cave is no fun. Unfortunately, basements are beneath the Earth! They are naturally cooler, darker, and more moist than other all other rooms. Downstairs, natural light is in short supply. Unlike your dining room, where sunlight seeps through cracked windows, basements are more difficult to brighten. Use of 75-100 watt bulbs to light up darker spaces. You should also think about incorporating 300-400k temperature lighting to warm up your basement and get rid of that musty, subterranean feeling.  

Creating Depth, But Not Too Much

Since we are already underground, too much depth could prove to be problematic. Accent lighting is the best way to add the perfect amount of decorative depth to the room. Keeping your basement bright while adding a few accented hot spots with table lamps, reflected light, floor lamps, and track lighting will have you spending hours of relaxation downstairs.

Picking The Best Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)  and light emitting diode bulbs are environmentally friendly and the most energy efficient bulb options. They heat up far less than their incandescent predecessors, so if you’re basement has ventilation problems, these bulbs will keep it cool. Available in universal sizes CFLs and LEDs can be installed into your low ceiling with recessed sockets. Save money on your electricity bill while creating a comfortable, well-lit space by carefully choosing your basement’s lighting options.

Hire A Trusted Basement Remodeling Contractor? Albaugh & Sons Can Help

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